$AIA Tokens are coming soon!

We have created social token $AIA to boost the cryptoart ecosystem. Our ERC-20 token is backed by the NFT collection we’re building, with a goal to distribute it among the community and use it buy NFTs. If you want to read more about $AIA, go to our main website for the token: aiatoken.io

Artificial Intelligence Art Museum on Cryptovoxels

We’ve built a digital AI Art Museum with art pieces created using machine learning algorithms. You can visit it here: https://www.cryptovoxels.com/play?coords=S@636E,581N Navigate with your mouse and WSAD just like in Minecraft. Hold Shift to run, press F to fly. Here’s how it looks like: We plan on hosting events in this space and displaying art …

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BlueSalmon is a limited series of 111 art pieces created using an algorithm that generates random points and spans a ‘salmon’ on them. The shape and complexity depend on a number of points, from 4 to 10,000. Images are in high resolution, perfect for any virtual museum or printing and hanging at home. We’re released …

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