Artificial Intelligence Art, or AIA, is a human-curated collection of AI-generated art.

Run by PhDs in mathematics with a goal to create and gather unique pieces of art through artificial intelligence algorithms and distribute them as NFTs. The proceedings from the art sale will be reinvested into AI.

The end goal is creating AI as creative as human beings.

Discover the world of Artificial Intelligence Paintings, created using cutting-edge algorithms which learned how to paint by analyzing thousands of old masters’ paintings.

Each painting is unique and a 1 of 1 NFT living on the Ethereum blockchain.

Only 1,000 AI Paintings will be released in this series.

Our Past Projects

AIBoy is a homage to eBoy, a pixel art group founded in 1997.

Their complex images were used in commercials, TV, computer games and more.

AIBoy is a limited series of 55 animated pieces inspired by eBoy and created by Artificial Intelligence.

BlueSalmon is a limited series of 111 art pieces created using an algorithm that generates random points and spans a ‘salmon’ on them.

The shape and complexity depend on a number of points, from 4 to 10,000.

Images are in high resolution, perfect for any virtual museum or printing and hanging at home.

This is our first venture into generative art.


ModArt = Modern Art remixed by AI.

Supply: 111 ModArts.

Venture into modern paintings as seen through Artificial Intelligence lenses. Each piece is unique and 1 of 1.

We let our AI algorithms look at thousands of modern painting, then let them generate from scratch new pieces. The final touch was interpolating between various original paintings to create animated art.

AnimePop = Waifu x Artificial Intelligence.

Only 777 AnimePops will be released with progressive pricing: 1-10 for further auction/best offer, 11-15 for 0.05e, 16-30 for 0.1e, 31-50 for 0.15e, 51-200 for 0.2e, 201-400 for 0.25e, 401-600 for 0.3e, 601-700 for 0.35e, 700-750 for 0.4e, 751-770 for 0.5e, 771-777 for 1e.

AnimePops are anime GIFss generated by Artificial Intelligence together with a story written by a different AI.

Each item is unique, characterized by 4 properties and a backstory. Enter the world of animated waifu gifs!

PopMasks is a collection of pixel art celebrities. There are exactly 777 PopMasks.

Some celebrities get only 2-3 portraits and most get up to 5. Rarity depends on the background. 

The most common are mono-blue images. Second to that are mono-colored backgrounds. Uncommon are gradient and textures background. Finally you can find some rare PopMasks with animated backgrounds depicting stars or rainbows. 

The collection is available entirely on OpenSea.

The project that inspired us to venture into PopMasks was ElonMasks. It started as a joke and well… we loved it so it stayed with us.

We are a strong believers in Elon Musk’s projects, from SpaceX and Tesla to Boring Company and Neuralink, and we wanted to make something to commerate him. 

We started ElonMasks, pun on both ElonMusk and HashMasks, and we are still adding new ElonMasks from time to time, until we reach 1000 masks and cover all crucial facts from Elon’s life. 

We’ve started AIA by using AI to recreate some classical art pieces. 

These were our early tests of AI art creation and the first dive into the NFT market. 

We plan to come back to classical art with a fresh perspective and making it into a collectible NFT. Stay tuned!

If you want to see how these older pieces looked like, follow the link here to OpenSea (sorted by the oldest)